Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012

Please read The Unread Reader's guidelines about the challenge here!  Here is a snippet:

"Back by popular demand...

Welcome to the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012! This reading challenge was previously called the Show Me the FREE RC, but this year, I have a co-host, Kelly from Reading the Paranormal, and we decided to shake things up a bit.

Quick FYI: This is not a library books, books you've won, or ARCs reading challenge. There are already plenty reading challenges for those specific type of books. You can find them here: A Novel Challenge.

This reading challenge has been developed specifically for FREE and LEGAL downloaded books. As many of you with e-readers know, AmazonBarnes and Noble, and a few other site periodically offer FREE books for your e-reading devices.

The aim of this challenge is to grab and read those FREE and LEGAL downloads! 

Since getting my Kindle, I've downloaded 300 Free books from Amazon, but sadly, I've only read a handful. Kelly, my new sidekick, has read over 100 Free books! Even though I failed my own RC miserably, Kelly has inspired me to renew my determination to get those FREE books off my TBR, and we want you to join us!"  Read More....

Don't forget to sign up and add your linky here!

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Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Gabriella! Thanks so much for joining us. I hope you get a chance to read a lot of great, FREE books. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, interesting idea. I keep my eye on 'free' on FB, and have gotten a number of books by, or recommended by, writers I know that way. I really do need to get to reading them. I have a friend much more diligent though, who goes to Amazon each morning and sees what is free--she has gotten a ton that way.

Kittie Howard said...

Great info, Gabriella. Thanks for sharing.