Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012

Please read The Unread Reader's guidelines about the challenge here!  Here is a snippet:

"Back by popular demand...

Welcome to the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012! This reading challenge was previously called the Show Me the FREE RC, but this year, I have a co-host, Kelly from Reading the Paranormal, and we decided to shake things up a bit.

Quick FYI: This is not a library books, books you've won, or ARCs reading challenge. There are already plenty reading challenges for those specific type of books. You can find them here: A Novel Challenge.

This reading challenge has been developed specifically for FREE and LEGAL downloaded books. As many of you with e-readers know, AmazonBarnes and Noble, and a few other site periodically offer FREE books for your e-reading devices.

The aim of this challenge is to grab and read those FREE and LEGAL downloads! 

Since getting my Kindle, I've downloaded 300 Free books from Amazon, but sadly, I've only read a handful. Kelly, my new sidekick, has read over 100 Free books! Even though I failed my own RC miserably, Kelly has inspired me to renew my determination to get those FREE books off my TBR, and we want you to join us!"  Read More....

Don't forget to sign up and add your linky here!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Masquerade Crew is giving away copies of ORPHEUS by Dan DeWitt

I am so happy to be among this group of Authors and Bloggers, offering the opportunity to win a copy of Dan DeWitt's book, Orpheus! If you are a fan of the Horror Genre like I am, then you will want to join in on the fun!

Book Details

Title: Orpheus

Author: Dan DeWitt

Genre: Horror (Zombies)

Synopsis: Cameron Holt is fortunate enough to survive the initial outbreak that turns his New England island community into a hive of the undead. So is his son, Ethan. Now, the only thing keeping Holt going is the determination to rescue his son from the undead...or remove him permanently from their ranks. Unfortunately, zombies aren't the only thing getting in his way.

Find Dan DeWitt Online:

His Personal Blog


Orpheus received two five-star reviews from The Masquerade Crew:

Sharon's Review
Bec's Review

An Interview With The Author—Dan DeWitt

What's your writing background?

Nothing too exciting. I have a Bachelor's degree in English, which means next to nothing when it comes to writing fiction. Still, I took a bunch of creative writing classes and really enjoyed them. Before that, I dabbled in short stories here and there, but wasn't ready to try and make a career out of it. I wrote one screenplay in 2001 that advanced to the second round at Austin (and I'm about ¼ of the way into its novelization). I've always been a voracious reader, and I got really serious after participating in NaNoWriMo in 2006. Since then, I've published a couple of short stories in e-zines and one non-fiction profile in a local magazine. But I'm really just a guy who loves to read fiction and tell a story from time to time.

To read more of this interview, click here.

Win a copy of Orpheus

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book Review: The #Mancode: Exposed by @RachelintheOC

I just finished reading The Mancode: Exposed by Rachel Thompson. I stumbled on her book when adding new books to my Kindle Fire. It was so entertaining that I finished it in one day!

Rachel, or on Twitter as she is called @RachelintheOC, has such a sense of humor that you can't help but laugh while you are reading her descriptions!  The girl used to sell Trojan condoms, if that tells you anything!

I used to touch penises for a living, but that is another story at another time! So I know you can get pretty #Snarky when dealing with anything related to those ole' things!

You actually can read this book in any order, brilliant! However, I decided to read from the beginning because my mind needs some kind of order! In each section Rachel Deconstructs, which means she is going to explain using her home life, personal experiences and husband as examples!

I do have to mention that when reading Lime in the Coconut, I couldn't get that song out of my head! So here it is just for your enjoyment! You will know what I mean when you read her book!

Picture this, I was literally humming the song, bobbing my head from side to side, Kindle Fire in hand reading, my husband looks over and does that damn #eyeroll thing.....  As Rachel would say, So #Mancode!

The entire book is so funny and hilarious. I can't pick just one chapter as my favorite.  However, If I Had a Hammer should be taught to boys during their sex education class in school!  Here is a snipett, **Guys, if your chick says I'm fine after you've stolen her time-of-the-month chocolate donut, run. Run away.**

This is a must read and I can't wait to read all of her other books!

Here is Rachel's page on Amazon:

Rachel Thompson

Image of Rachel Thompson
I'm a chick who writes stuff that makes you laugh.
My book A Walk In The Snark hit #1 on the Kindle
Motherhood list this past September (do you think
they know I talk about sex? Shhh.) It's since hit 
about oh, SEVEN more times. #woot!
I've been nominated for Funniest Blog, Best
Humor Writer & Redhead Who Makes a Killer
Dirty Martini (okay, I made the last one up, 
but it's true. Honest.)
I released The Mancode: Exposed right after
Thanksgiving 2011!  Two books of snarky goodness, baby.  
I've been told I write in the style of that Dickens guy. Kidding.
I'm a mom, a wife, and a recovering pharmaceuticals rep.  It's been
a long process but I'm okay, thanks.  
I also used to sell Trojan brand condoms.  Yeah, it's hilarious, 
I know. I did it for three years way back when and I was their 
top salesperson in the Western Region, a dubious honor at best. 
My number-one customer was the Mustang Ranch.  No, seriously. 
The Mustang Ranch.  I couldn't make stuff like that up.

Continue reading Rachel's bio on her Amazon Page!
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Introduction-Who is Gabriela?

I love to blog and it has been a long time. My name is Gabby or Gabriela, which ever one you fancy the most!

My family tree has a wide reach, there are branches in Bremen, Germany; Palermo, Sicily; Valencia, Spain and Puerto Rico!

So I have a mishmash of cultures in my blood!  Mostly hot! So I must warn you, this is the real me now speaking...  I may say a naughty word or two!  Hope you aren't too offended by what you may walk into!

Most of all I love to write and draw. I have been writing since I was a little girl. My bedroom closet was filled with plays and stories.  They are long gone, lost from years of moving from one city to the next.

However, it wasn't until middle school that I actually stopped writing.  A teacher accused me of stealing and cheating,  I didn't steal anything or cheat. However, that shy little girl was so mortified she never wrote again.  Until now...!

You may find me resting on a warm beach!  I love the beach, there are special ones of course, but I am the happiest when I am sitting watching the sea.

So what are Gabriela's FantaSeas? You will have to come back for another visit, we hardly know each other!

See you soon.~Gabby

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